Forest of Shadows Soundtrack


Forest of Shadows Soundtrack


Out of the Dungeon and into the Forest! Own the music from the first full expansion to One Deck Dungeon and visit the Forest of Shadows any time!

  1. Main Theme

  2. The Mudlands (Encounter)

  3. Realm of Venom (Encounter)

  4. The Vile Roots (Encounter)

  5. Lair of Indrax (Encounter)

  6. Smoldering Ruins (Encounter)

  7. Boss Battle (Forest of Shadows)

  8. The Mudlands (Hallway)

  9. Realm of Venom (Hallway)

  10. The Vile Roots (Hallway)

  11. Lair of Indrax (Hallway)

  12. Smoldering Ruins (Hallway)

  13. Victory Fanfare

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