One Deck Dungeon FAQ


  • General Questions

  • Common Gameplay and Rules Questions

  • Troubleshooting

  • Bug Reporting

General Questions

I heard One Deck Dungeon was coming to phones?

Yes! One Deck Dungeon is now available for smartphones. You asked, we listened. The phone version launched on the 1 Year Anniversary of the game’s initial release, and if you already own it for a tablet or iPad, read more below for some good news!

I bought One Deck Dungeon for Steam (or iOS, or Android). Do I get it for iOS (or Steam or Android)?

A purchase of One Deck Dungeon is good on the store where you made your purchase and does not transfer to other stores. A purchase on Steam allows you to play on Windows and Mac computers signed in with your Steam account. A purchase for iOS allows you to play on any iPad linked to your Apple account. A purchase for Google Play allows you to play on any Android tablet linked to your Google account.

How about the DLC?

See above. Boom.

Can I download the game on another device or system of the same kind once I’ve purchased it?

If you have purchased ODD for your iOS device, you are able to download the game at no additional cost on another iOS device so long as the new device is logged in to the same account where the original purchase was made. The same goes for Android tablets and for Steam (desktop or laptop).

Please note that DLC cannot be shared across devices when using iOS App Store Family Sharing, only the core game. This is an Apple policy that is not in our control. If you wish to share DLC you have purchased across devices in your household, you will have to sign in and restore purchases without using Family Sharing.

Sharing purchases does not work across different platforms, such as trying to download the same purchase on an iPad and an Android tablet. Only iOS to iOS or Android to Android, etc.

When is feature X coming out?

If you are curious to know about upcoming features, we recommend following us on your favorite social media like Facebook or Twitter, or watching our Live Streams on Twitch or YouTube. If you ask us about a specific feature, we will likely respond with the same list of things to follow.

Common Gameplay and Rules Questions

I can’t place black (heroic) dice on any of the boxes… is this a bug?

Fear not, it likely is not a bug! There are some effects in the game that can restrict the placement of dice. For example, the Dragon does not allow black heroic dice in skull boxes, and the Phoenix's Den 3rd floor does not allow black heroic dice in armor boxes.

If you're sure there was no effect in play like this, please send along a detailed description of the situation and a screenshot if possible to help us diagnose the problem and find a solution.

My dice are disappearing after I rolled them! What’s going on???

Sounds like you’re exploring the Lich's Tomb! Once you reach the second floor, all 2's rolled are discarded. The Lich's Tomb banner bounces when this happens to indicate it's the cause for the disappearing dice. You can press on the banner to read the dungeon card and see the effects. The Phoenix's Den also has a similar effect, discarding 3's on the 3rd floor.

If you’ve encountered the Phantom in your dungeon delving adventures, you’ll notice you might have some dice suddenly poof away. During this encounter, any 1’s and 3’s rolled will be discarded, so keep that in mind while planning your strategy!

The game is making me discard a die after using a skill or making a heroic die, why is that?

The number of dice available in the game is limited. There are 8 strength dice, 8 agility dice, 8 magic dice, and 6 heroic dice. If the general supply has no more dice and you try to get one, you have to discard another one of that type from your pool in order to get it.

I can’t use all the skills I earned from the Hero Progression sheet, is the game busted?

For hero progression, you select which focus you’d like to use during the new game screen. For example, if you want the Archer to use the Healing focus, you’d press on the green box under the character. This cycles through the available skill focuses (healing, combat, dungeon) until you’ve settled on which one you’d like to use! Your focus is set at the start of the game and cannot be changed until after you’ve ended the current game

How do I view my hero's progression sheet?

You can right click on any hero in the New Game screen to view their full card including the progression sheet. If you are on a tablet, you can double tap instead. Go get ‘em, tiger!

The game is crazy difficult! Is it supposed to be this hard?

One Deck Dungeon is the digital version of the tabletop game that has been thoroughly playtested and balanced. It's intentionally challenging! The digital version contains the same content as the physical version and the rules are accurately implemented. The dice are rolled using a standard random number generator.

We don't want to spoil your discovery of the game, but if you like, here are some tips that can help you out:

  • You don't need to face every encounter. If a foe or peril seems too hard, fleeing might be the right choice. At the same time, facing a tough foe and taking some damage is often a good way to get a powerful skill or item early.

  • You don't need to cover every challenge box. Do your best of course, but you can still get ahead while spending time and taking some damage.

  • Make sure to claim items and skills as loot ahead of XP. More dice gives you more chances to avoid consequences, and skills mitigate poor rolls and can make great combos.

  • Heroic dice are very powerful, get them when you can. You can use heroic dice to pay for skills.

  • Hero progression will unlock new talents and bonuses to give you an advantage, so keep playing to get better.

Play around with different strategies and find which best suits your play style and the current dungeon! Once you’ve figured out what works best for you, you’ll be defeating baddies like a pro.

When I make a heroic die it's always a 1. What's going on?

When you use two dice to make a heroic die, the heroic die always has the lowest value of the two dice. You do not roll the heroic die. Them's the rules!


My DLC isn’t showing up on Steam.

We've heard reports of this happening once in awhile, and it seems to be an issue with Steam itself. Some or all of the following steps have worked for other players:

  • Quit and restart Steam.

  • Restart your computer.

  • Right click the game in Steam, click Properties, click Local Files, then click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

  • Log out of and back into Steam.

  • If you are playing offline, use the “Go Offline” feature of Steam.

Let us know if that does not help. You may also try contacting Steam support.

Can I sync achievements across devices?

Achievements are automatically synced based on the platform & game service you’re using. Your Game Center achievements will sync between your iOS devices, your Steam achievements will sync between your computers, and so on. Progress on achievements is stored locally to each device or computer.

Bug Reporting

I found a bug!

Oh no! Before doing anything else, please check Trello to make sure that we’re not already aware of the issue.

If the bug you’ve uncovered is not listed among the known issues or FAQ you should definitely report it, following good bug reporting etiquette. What does that mean? Any good bug report should include the following:

  • The behavior you expected to see

  • The behavior you actually saw

  • Steps to reproduce the error. If we can’t reproduce the error here, we can’t fix it!

  • The platform & version of the game you’re playing

  • Screenshots showing what happened and the state of the game

You can report a problem or make a suggestion from in-game in the main menu using the Feedback button, which will send us an email with some technical details automatically filled in. Or, use our feedback form here.

Please do not send a message with multiple bugs as it makes it difficult for us to track the issue. Send individual messages for each problem to make it easier for us to improve the game you love. Likewise, please do not reply to our emails with different/new bugs you’ve found for the same reason. Sending a new message will help us keep track of the different bugs.