GAME.minder 2.0.2 fixes the fix

Bottom line - GAME.minder 2.0.2 fixes the launch issues introduced in 2.0.1.  If you were just waiting for that so you can once again use GAME.minder, the wait is over.  Head over to the app store and download it now!  If you are at all interested in the technical aspects, or just plain curious please keep reading.GAME.minder 2.0.1 is a textbook example of how NOT to issue a software patch and we take complete responsibility for botching it.  There were two distinct problems introduced, either of which were easy to discover and easier to fix, if we had only bothered to look for them (we didn't).

#1  In our Post-Pax excitement, we were super hyped to get out a couple fixes, one of which had been plaguing us since version 1.0 - release dates showing up "off by one" on some devices.  This change required some fundamental, if not incredibly extensive changes to some of the code in the client.  However, it didn't change anything specific to any device so we didn't test as extensively as we should.

#2 If you keep up at all with the Apple development world, you're probably aware that Xcode 4 is now "final" and able to build software for the App Store.  Mistakenly assuming that it would be perfectly fine, we changed over to Xcode 4 from Xcode 3.x.

We then tested upgrading from 2.0 to 2.0.1 on all our recent devices (iPhone 4, iPod touch 4g), submitted it, and sprained our elbows patting ourselves on the back.

So what did we fail to do?

  • Test on ANY older devices
  • Test upgrading from 1.x directly to 2.0.1 skipping over 2.0

By failing to do these two simple things after a major change to the development workflow (changing to a "final" IDE that is really more public beta) we not only crippled upgrading (Xcode 4 has issues with code data migration) but we also made GAME.minder completely unlaunchable on older devices (The LLVM compiler with the 4.3 SDK generates incorrect code for older processors).  Not bad for a days work huh?

So learn from our mistake and TEST, TEST, TEST before submitting that latest build children. Thanks for your patience and we promise to be more careful in the future.