Thanks A (Half) Million! RE.minder PRO and PRO+ Special

RE.minder PRO  & RE.minder PRO+ Special

RE:minder Lite has been downloaded over 1/2 a million times and we're pretty pumped about it. That's like the height of 128 Empire State Buildings (measured in iPhones of course) or the amount of muddy, music lovin' hippies that attended Woodstock in 1969 and almost 10 Yankee Stadiums filled to max capacity. Not too shabby!

Because we want to say thanks for helping us get here, we're dropping the price of RE.minder PRO and RE.minder PRO + for our "More Than Half OFF, Thanks A (Half) Million Special." So if you've been waiting to upgrade now is the time!

Get the discount from March 1st - March 7:

RE.minder PRO $0.99 (regular $2.99) Upgrade to RE.minder PRO with a simple in app purchase.

RE.minder PRO+ $2.99 (regular $7.99) RE.minder PRO+  (with all the bells and whistles) is available in the App Store or upgrade from RE.minder Lite. 

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A must have for the any gamer - from occasional to hardcore! Keep track of upcoming game release dates so you don't forget to play!

GAME.minder is available on the web and for iPhone & Android. 

GAME.minder is always FREE!

STYLE.minderlets you track your hair do's so you never have a hair don't!

With STYLE.minder, you build a personal history of ALL your styles over time! Take photos, tag, file and share all of your hair styles, cuts and colors. Recreate your look at a later date or show your stylist your favorite style right on your phone!