Uncle Slam Election Pack: The debate is on and it's in the ring

It's an Obama-Romney showdown and it's your turn to control the debate...

Only this time we leave the podiums behind and take the debate into the ring.  For a limited time, you can download the Uncle Slam Election Pack for free on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Choose your side and win to increase their political ranking!

Invite your friends in on the action to push your president ahead in the standings and watch the polls waver  at uncleslam.comTweet or Facebook screenshots of your best punches, knockouts or victory moves and show the country what your candidate is made of! 

So who will throw more zingers this time? Will it be Romney with a right, left or Obama with a stinging upper cut and reversal? In this round my friends, that is up to you. 

Get in on the action now, because after the votes are cast in November the Uncle Slam Election Pack will be gone forever. Only one will reign supreme! 

Uncle Slam is a satirical, president vs. president boxing game. Pick your leader (past or present) and battle it out in the ring. Play though a campaign or battle head to head. Punch and block to power up your star and unleash your Presidential Power! The harder you fight and the more you win, the more votes your president receives so you can unlock gloves, stages, and fun facts and more. There are three presidential expansion packs to choose from or if you have a favorite, you can choose to download individual presidents.